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Coffee - not just coffee, but good coffee - can make the difference between a good morning and a bad morning. We've commited our entire careers to providing the best coffee to cafes, restaurants and retailers around the country, and now they're available direct to you!

We've taken every possible consideration when selling you coffee, from:

  • Selecting the best 100% Arabica beans available and bringing them in fresh on a regular basis
  • Having variety on hand, giving you more options online than a standard grocery store
  • Roasting them perfectly, based on over two decades of experience, to bring out the delicate flavours of each bean
  • Packaging them to keep them fresh as long as possible, letting you take your time to enjoy them
  • Shipping quickly and safely, so that you get your beans without having to wait, on the first shipment

Imported into and roasted in Toronto, we're a Canadian company with the capacity to fill orders from 1 pound to 1000 pounds. Regular inventory of dozens of beans and flavours means you don't have to worry about something being available, simply order it and have it shipped to your door.

Best Coffee Beans

Coffee is subjective - different people like different things. Some people love flavourful medium roasts while others prefer strong dark roasts. Some prefer single serving coffee, while others prefer a quality french press. There's no right or wrong answer when it comes to what you prefer - and we try to have the best coffee beans available for everyone. We recommend:

Flavoured Coffees

Our selection of flavoured coffees has been whittled down to the top sellers over time, but we still bring in seasonal favourites like the Pumpkin Spice Coffee, Bavarian Chocolate Coffee and Christmas Blend Coffee. Go check out our full lineup of 20 flavoured coffees and enjoy something new.

Unlike some other roasters who will give you the cheapest coffee beans they can get away with, we maintain a standard of 100% Arabica coffee beans, giving you great tasting coffee along with the flavour. We take pride in operating an online coffee shop that delivers fresh coffee right to your door.

Monin Syrups

Monin Syrups are loved for the high quality ingredients in combination with artfully re-created flavourings. Monin makes sense when you want the flexibility of having a regular coffee and only flavouring certain drinks. Alternatively, they work well when only one of the coffee drinkers in the house enjoys flavoured coffee, while the other prefers theirs straight. Whatever your reason, you'll be happy to see over 45 flavours of Monin Syrups in stock and ready to ship. While we carry nearly the full line of regular Monin, the European Monin flavours are not available.

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We love coffee.

We love it so much that we made a website all about it.

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